A Message from the Publisher

2015 has arrived at last, and Black Scat Books is pleased to be introducing this new imprint devoted to erotic fiction. Our press was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 – a small, independent house (some might call it a pup tent) dedicated to publishing absurdist fiction, eccentric art, experimental literature, surrealism,  pataphysics, and works in translation. In other words, books few people read. It is a labor of love and (yes) lust.

We also publish a magazine called Black Scat Review, and  the idea behind New Urge grew out of three themed issues I edited between 2013-2014: “Pleasure” (#2); “All Urges Go Haywire” (#4); and “Seduction” (#8). Each contained works which ventured into the realm of eroticism. These texts were a refreshing change from much of what is labelled “erotic” today – shoveled onto the web by the boatload. Truman Capote said it best: “That isn’t writing …it’s typing.”

Thus, the NU mission is simple: to publish erotic works that are, in fact, written.

Later this month we will launch our first titles into the world. I do not expect them to attain bestseller status, but I do hope they find an audience of readers  who are “turned on” by the written word.

Happy New Year!

—Norman Conquest
Black Scat Books



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