an excerpt from the introduction to THE NEW URGE READER 2

…The stories in this anthology feature strong women who take control of their desires and those who make new discoveries about themselves through the instruction of more seasoned women. Lust ignites between lovers, friends, and strangers.

In some cases, friendship between women develops into a deeper bond, such as “Friend Date” by Erin Pim, in which the narrator’s boyfriend arranges a get-together between her and a female acquaintance. The narrator struggles to keep her mounting pleasure private in the very public setting of a pub. “Mother’s Milk” by Marina Kris, which melds the maternal and the carnal, focuses on a struggling writer who is offered a very unconventional opportunity to bond with her well-endowed friend.

Then there are the stories that revolve around the thrill of an impromptu rendezvous with a stranger. In “Flash” by Catherine D’Avis, an exhibitionist stalks lonely, middle-aged men during early mornings on Paris streets, drawn to the lure of being fixed in their memories forever without a word exchanged. “In Flight,” by Pamela Naruta, involves a married woman who travels, under the guise of “business trips,” for the purpose of extramarital trysts.

In “Grazing Prayers” by Eurydice Kamvyselli, a nubile adolescent specializes in giving girls their first orgasms and views them as sacred acts. Lily Knol’s “Oak King” is steeped in a dreamlike reality. The first story in the collection, “Keeping Time,” by Elna Holst, presents the amorous rhythms of sexual intimacy. These stories represent just some of the variety you will find in this collection.

The written word, like any visual art, can do more than convey desire – it can be a conduit to ecstasy, a chance to immerse oneself in a fantasy and be titillated. I view the movements of a paintbrush as an intimate communion with the blank canvas. Similarly, the stories in this anthology will titillate and inflame your own imagination.

―Elizabeth Yoo

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