A midnight ride for the long hot summer….


The second volume in our popular anthology series.

“The written word, like any visual art, can do more than convey desire – it can be a conduit to ecstasy, a chance to immerse oneself in a fantasy and be titillated. I view the movements of a paintbrush as an intimate communion with the blank canvas. Similarly, the stories in this anthology will titillate and inflame your own imagination.” —from the introduction by Elizabeth Yoo

THE NEW URGE READER 2 features 12 exciting voices from around the world—erotic fiction by Jessica Alexander, Tina V. Cabrera, Catherine D’Avis, Elna Holst, Eurydice Kamvyselli, Lily Knol, Marina Kris, Pamela Naruta, Erin Pim, Val Prozorova, Amy Summers & Tara Stillions Whitehead.

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